Welcome to a site of ease and simplicity, which is designed to make your life easier.


           We´re just starting- so keep visiting..

We´re here to provide what you need to know when you

  1. are planning to move to Germany – especially but not only to Berlin.

  2. have lived here for a while and still feel the nagging sensation of not knowing your way around.

  3. wanna make your German experience more fun.

Here is what we can do:

  1. Help you get the information you need about the most important aspects of German life.

  2. Give you tips on how to learn/improve the language.

  3. Offer contacts/ideas for fun activities.

This is how it works:

At this moment we offer one file for download for only 1€ with all the most basic and important information on your life in Germany. Information in the areas of jobs/job search, finding a new home, leisure time, health insurance and how to get started. In return for this very good offer we´d like to get your insight of info that you need or that was very hard to find out. Please use our contact form.

Here´s what we cannot do:

due to the very low price we CANNOT take any legal responsibility for any information we offer. If you find a mistake please contact us and we´re happy to give you a 5€ bonus – this is as far as we go and we feel that´s quite fair.  


We´re constantly improving our services and are thankful for your feedback – use our contact form.